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Getting to the goals is our business.



: to sit quietly and thoughtfully :

 \ pər-ˈfȯr-mən(t)s

1 a: the execution of an action

1 b: something accomplished :

We're all about seeing people realize their best selves through coaching. Melissa and Precious have spent years living out purpose by helping others remove barriers to go on and be their best selves. After what seems like a lifetime of being friends, the two had the opportunity to work together. As passion and approach collided, so did the number of individuals who were being helped in the process. 

We realized that there is more that can be done together than apart. This is how Brood Performance was born. 

In investing in human capital, our goal is to help individuals and organizations get on the road to achieving their greatest potential through identity development, reflection, and goal setting. In other words, we help you get better, faster.

We Are Accepting New Clients.
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